Buri Al Arab


I believe everyone will notice the most luxury hotel in Dubai from the picture above.

Burj Al Arab is called Tower of Arabs too, so far is the most luxury hotel in the world. It is located in Dubai and it has been called the “world’s seven stars hotel”. The shape of the hotel is designed as a sail of a ship, some people say it looks like a moon or boat, too. The hotel seems been occupied by the richest person in the world.


Do you know that 39% of its rooms are non-occupiable space?

The hotel is managed by the Jumeirah Group (Wiki). There are 28 double-story floors (202 rooms) in the hotel. Even the smallest room is 169 square feet. The largest one is as big as 780 square feet. The Royal suite in the hotel cost 18,716 USD per night, it listed as the 12th most expensive suite in the world. According to Wikipedia, Chinese market made up 25 percent of all booking at the hotel in 2011 and 2012.


Buri Al Arab owes 8 BMW cars and 2 Rolls Royce cars for pick uo and send their customers to the airport. You can even take their helicopter from the 28th floor on the hotel, you will have 15 minutes to take a look at the breath taking view.

It is amazing how people there build the island and the hotel out of the desert. That definitely worth credit and worth saving money to go and visit. But it really depend in one’s financial ability, Dubai is amazing place with a lot of different hotels and those hotels are nice too.

let me know what do you think or you have already made a visit to Dubai and want to share with me. Thanks for reading.

(pictures from Wiki)


About Flights


If you are thinking about going to NYC for the week, which transportation means will you choose: drive, bus, train, or flight? Flights are probably the most luxurious: its faster, more comfortable, and of course more expensive. Today I want to discuss how to make your flight trip easier.

There are a few website one could get relatively cheaper tickets, Pipline, Kayak’s, Student universe, and Airfare watchdog. I personally enjoyed Pipline and Student Universe as they do provide good-priced tickets, as well as offer comparisons of tickets from different flight companies. As we all know flight prices rise quickly approaching the departure day, therefore the above-mentioned websites are good for last-minute booking by saving some of your money.

If you do not care about money or simply want to know about the luxury flights. you could check out this website:



 What to do after you have landed? Take New York for an example, there are three airports: LaGuardia Airport, Newark Airport, and JFK, with the previous two slightly easier to connect to lower Manhattan. It’s the simplest to get to Manhattan from LaGuardia: just take the M60 bus. From Newark you will have to take the New Jersey Transit to the New York Penn Station. From JFK you will have to switch subways, and it might take a bit longer. I would recommend an app here called Rome2Rio; just type in the “from” and “to” and it will automatically load the most convenience transportation from one place to another.

something funny or the gender war….



Have Chinese women become luxury goods for Chinese men? One important attribution of luxury goods is their scarcity: not everyone could afford them. I have read several reports in the past suggesting that Chinese men are having more difficulties to get married, comparing to Chinese women. Data suggests that there are approximately 23150,000 more men than women in China who are having difficulties to get married. http://www.chinanews.com/sh/2014/01-19/5752650.shtmlThe dis-match seems to suggest that women are becoming more of a luxurious property in China.

 The Internet seems to suggest similar trends. Many reports blasted the image of Chinese men, from their poor taste of clothing to their boring lifestyle. On the contrary, Chinese women seem to be more open to new culture and more self-aware; they embrace healthy ways of living, and are becoming more financially independent. This dis-match of lifestyle certainly did not work on men’s favour either.

Golden iPhone


Literally, I am going to talk about the Golden iPhone, only that Gold is the colour of the back of the phone rather than the material from which the phone is made.

Whoever came up with the idea of the Golden iPhone deserves a fat paycheck from Tim Cook, as its sale turned out to be fabulous in China. Tim cook admitted that he was expecting a sale of 24% but now its 48%, doubling the figure!



I still remember going back to China last year, seeing most of my friends owning a golden iPhone; the colour is referred to as “the riches’ gold”. I in fact believe that Chinese people’s preference of golden colour is rooted deeply in Chinese culture. In ancient China, clothes of Golden colour was once exclusively reserved for the riches and the royals; the color symbolized power and privilege. In addition, the Chinese’ superstition results in their belief that gold is a colour that brings “gold”, i.e. money. Therefore, the businessmen in China prefer the colour because they believe it will bless their business. The culture of gold worshipping have past down so many generations that even in today’s society, free of social segmentations and restrictions, the Chinese still show great preference to the colour.

Apple sees it, and takes advantage of the preferences of their lucrative potential customers, making huge profit. To conclude, it is always possible to win over your customers; you just have to know how to knock on their doors.

The Futuristic Tesla


Humans today need evolution rather than revolution. I want to introduce a evolutionary car called Tesla. By now we are probably all familiar with it. Tesla Motors is an American tech company that designs electric cars, and is the pioneer of thee electric car industry. The name Tesla comes from the famous electrical engineer who invented alternating current.


The Tesla Model S starts from 66,500 CAD (http://green.autoblog.com/2012/08/17/tesla-models-s-canadian-price-starts-at-65-500/) However, after consulting the Sales representative, I came to the realization that a in order to get the most out of Model S, the price line is set to around 110,000 CAD. This is the price of the test-drive Tesla Model S in Yorkdale. Definitely luxurious spending in today’s waning Automobile Industry. However, the car is worth every penny considering its revolutionary design and unbelievable performance. The market have proved this, because the sale amount of Tesla exceeds Mercedes Benz S series, BMW 7 series, and Audi A8, all of which are considered primary contenders of the electric car. I find Tesla more like a big gadget, than an automobile; it is like an iPhone on which we could customize. I highly recommend people go test-drive it at the Yorkdale Mall.


Chinese consumers & Luxury Goods

First check out this video:

Then check out this: Chinese consumers buy half of global luxury good



According to the report, Chinese consumers’ purchase on luxury good make up 47 percent of the global luxury market in 2013. “The Chinese consumers did 73 percent of their luxury shopping abroad in 2013, up 8 percent from a year earlier.

Why Chinese customers are so crazy about luxury goods? Several reasons might contribute to that:

First: rare material, limited products. For example, the reason why diamonds are so expensive is because they are rare and limited. Luxurious house are expensive because the location is rare and limited. This phenomena fits the demand and supply theory.

Second: luxury goods are the symbol of rich and privilege.

Third: the quality of luxury goods are much better than the normal ones. Luxury goods provide the obvious value of “this is good stuff” for example, the silk scarves from Hermes and the cloths from Chanel.

Fourth: the special design. luxury companies hire the most famous designer and design something that are not in the market yet. it cost lot of money to hire the designer and the final price (including the brand fee, designer salivary) all goes to the final price of the luxury goods.

Fifth: the class status a bag can offer you. Although there are a lot of expensive goods out there, it does not mean everyone can afford it. A bag shows your consume ability and the class status you are in.

Can you think of something else? Let me know. Thanks for reading.

Something about Luxury Management



Many of you might wonder what is luxury management and why is it so popular in Asia? So today, I am going to answer this two questions broadly.

Is luxury management necessary? In my opinion yes. Take China as an example: International luxury brands enter China and set up shops there because of the huge consume ability of Chinese customers. The more brands and shops, the more obvious that China is short of professionals who can work in this industry. Moreover, different as European market which is more mature, Chinese luxury market has just started and it is immature due to the consumer buying behaviour.


Some colleges in France first started hire professors to teach luxury management. About the courses, mostly professors will teach the basic theories, classic examples, the exciting thing is sometimes managers from luxury companies will also come to school and give speeches. Internships are provided by the luxury companies and there will be plenty of chances to go see fashion shows.

About job opportunities, one of the college in France said the average age of the ones who choose to study Luxury management are at around 30-year-old. Before taking luxury management, they have been working for 7 years.

Luxury goods are not limited to bags, jewelers, and fashionable cloths – things that we are aware of. It also includes leather goods, yachts, watches, pens, wine, tea, furniture, china, hotels and private jet.


Thanks for reading. Anyone interested in pursuing a Luxury Management MBA degree? Let me know and let’s discuss.